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Business Broadband

Excel Telecommunications Network can provide all of your business broadband, internet and email requirements. Our business broadband range includes ultrafast fibre broadband and dedicated leased line connectivity, with a solution available for any size business. Not only do we supply UK businesses with high-speed broadband connectivity, but also with hosted VoIP phone systems.

Broadband and VoIP Packages

To boost office and remote working productivity, your business needs a reliable broadband package. For VoIP and cloud services, online file sharing, HD video conferencing and much more, high speed broadband connectivity is essential for daily business activities.

We offer great value broadband and VoIP packages to any type of business. Along with responsive customer service and technical support, we guarantee ultrafast and ultra-reliable broadband.

Business Broadband

Fibre Broadband

Fibre boadband is the ideal platform if you’ve outgrown your ADSL broadband or want to take advantage of cloud, VoIP and hosted services without spending any extra on connectivity. 5x faster than standard ADSL, you can upload and download at lightning speeds.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is provisioned at a minimum speed of 80Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload. (80:20). This is where the fibre is provided to the cabinet. The last part of its journey from the cabinet to your premises will be copper cable. The distance from the cabinet to your premises and the quality of your line will determine the speed that you will get at the router.

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is provisioned at a minimum speed of 80Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload. (80:20) This is a fibre circuit that comes from the cabinet into your premises. This means you will usually get the broadband speed that the service is provisioned at. FTTP can be provisioned at even higher speeds up to a download of 1Gbit/s

Leased Lines

A leased line provides a dedicated connection which you do not not share with anyone. Leased lines are 'symmetrical' - meaning they have the same upload and download speeds, unlike ADSL and fibre broadband which often sees upload speeds hugely reduced in favour of high download speeds.

In an age of increased cloud services, a business may be attracted to leased lines purely for speed. However, speed is only one of the factors that make dedicated connections an essential piece of infrastructure for many businesses. Having a symmetrical connection makes the use of VoIP for business telephony and communication more reliable.

While “standard” fibre broadband is capable of handling VoIP calls, if a business requires 20 or more concurrent calls at high quality, this needs a high speed, symmetrical connection. Because calls need fast response times from speaking (upload) to being spoken to (download), dedicated leased line connectivity is usually the favoured option for VoIP reliability.

Business Broadband Providers

Based in Redditch, Excel Telecommunications Network provides business broadband and broadband and VoIP packages in Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire and throughout the UK. If you are considering switching business broadband, or looking for a broadband and VoIP package, then don't hesitate to contact us today. Our experts will be able to help you with a broadband and VoIP package ideal for your business.