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VoIP for Business

With traditional phone lines due to be switched off in 2025, many businesses have already switched to VoIP, and not only for this reason, but due to the many benefits offered by VoIP for their specific business needs. Whether you are a large established SME or a small business, a bespoke VoIP package from Excel Telecommunications Network will give you unparalled features, control, call management and cost savings for your business.

VoIP Business Packages

With one of our VoIP for business packages, including a powerful hosted VoIP phone system and ultrafast business broadband connectivity; your business can benefit from the features and functionality of a traditional phone system but at a fraction of the cost.

Excel Telecommunications Network can provide the perfect VoIP solution for any type or size of business, with specialist VoIP for small business and organisation packages available.

Business VoIP

VoIP for Small Businesses

You may have heard that VoIP is only worth considering for medium to large businesses, but that isn't true. Thanks to the flexible nature of VoIP technology, a VoIP phone system can accommodate all types of business, including sole traders and small businesses. A VoIP phone system brings the same benefits for smaller businesses as it does for larger companies.

It’s important to find ways to reduce costs while running a small business and communication via phone calls is key. Business VoIP systems are becoming increasingly popular among small businesses to handle those calls. Why? Because they’re cheaper than landlines, they require no additional onsite hardware and they provide the best communication tools in business today.

Small businesses simply may not feel the need to make the switch to VoIP. However, due to advances in technology and planned developments, switching to VoIP will be inevitable as standard phone lines become obsolete. The traditional technology used to make phone calls hasn’t seen any significant developments in recent times, whilst VoIP has come on in leaps and bounds and will continue to be improved.

VoIP for Remote Workers

For remote working, an effective and reliable system of communication is necessary, and that is why a cloud based VoIP phone system is a must-have tool for remote workers and staff working from home. Whether employees are in the office, away from their desk, on the road, or working from home, VoIP allows remote workers to connect in real time, and at any time.

VoIP Deskphone's
Plug a VoIP deskphone into any home office with an internet connection, and the phone will still work as though it is still in the office building.

Softphone Applications
An app for all your devices, aloows to to use them like your deskphone, so in essence, you are taking your office with you, wherever you go.

Smart Diverts
Instantly divert calls to your mobile number with just a click of a button so you no longer have to be sat at your desk to receive your calls.

Virtual Numbers
Virtual numbers allow remote workers to use different phone numbers from different area codes to improve the reach of clients.

Cloud based VoIP phone systems are great for remote working because of how they’re set up. Because they use the cloud, you can easily connect from anywhere, without the need for a complicated installation or setup.

Business VoIP Providers

Based in Redditch, Excel Telecommunications Network provides business VoIP packages in Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire and throughout the UK. If you are a small business looking for a VoIP phone system business package, or a phone system for your remote workers, then don't hesitate to contact us today. Our experts will be able to help you decide which VoIP business package is best for your business.