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Find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by Excel Telecommunications Network about Voice over Internet Protocol. Should you have any additional questions about using, or migrationg your business to a hosted VoIP phone system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This allows transmission of voice communication over the internet. This is done via IP-based telephony networks, often referred to as “internet telephony” or “IP telephony”.
VoIP takes analogue voice signals and converts them into digital signals. These signals can then be sent as data over your broadband line. A digital signal is more efficient than analogue, and costs less money. Anyone who has used a program like Skype has used VoIP to communicate.
Any standard broadband internet connection will be fine for VoIP, although the faster the connection the better. A VoIP phone system packaged with our business broadband will avoid any data transmission or quality issues.
A hosted VoIP phone system, often referred to as "cloud telephony" or "hosted VoIP", is where a provider hosts and manages your business phone system in a private data centre. Rather than being located on-site like regular landlines, this means less wires, more flexibility and clearer conversations.
Yes, you can work on the computer while on the VoIP phone. They should not conflict with each other.
To initially setup a VoIP phone system, three key things are required. 1. A broadband internet connection. 2. A router with the ability to distribute and manage the internet connection to everybody within the business. 3. An IP enabled phone - either a physical VoIP/SIP phone or a softphone.
A softphone is a piece of software that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer or mobile device. Usually used with a headset, it sometimes appears as an image of a handset, with a display panel and buttons with which the user can interact.
Not at all. While feature-rich and completely modern, VoIP phones function much the same way as an old fashioned handset. You can configure the phone with the same keypresses to pick up and transfer calls.
Small businesses and startups can benefit from VoIP because it’s so easy to set-up and use, and you can add new phones as your business grows. Plus you can benefit from the many features that come with the system, adding to the professionalism of your small business.
If there is a power cut, VoIP will be unavailable as it requires your business’ broadband router to be switched on. Luckily with VoIP calls can be redirected to a mobile number or landline if these issues occur.
Yes, you can add a fax machine onto a VoIP platform with an Analogue Terminal Adapter.
Yes. All of your existing telephone numbers can be ported to a VoIP phone system.
VoIP can be vulnerable like any other online technology, but kept secure with the correct protocols and practices in place.
If you are considering migrationg your business to a hosted VoIP phone system, or looking to setup a phone system for your new business and requiring expert advice about this; please don’t hesitate to contact Excel Telecommunications Network today.